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Meet Liz


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An enthusiastic pet lover from a small town in Iowa, Liz Illg is the Owner of Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting in Arizona. Not just a groomer, Liz is an all-around pet and local business guru. She works tirelessly to educate pet parents about their furry friends and also to help small business owners reach their goals. Liz has built a strong community through her social media outreach, events, and by word-of-mouth.

Not only is she a female entrepreneur and pet influencer, Liz is also a dedicated yoga student and teacher. In fact, she trained for over 200 hours and is now registered with Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga teacher. From planning workshops, special events, and retreats, to helping to leading intentional yoga classes, Liz loves to help others find inner peace and calmness. In addition to teaching yoga, Liz also teaches doga – that’s right, yoga for people and their pets! Dogs can easily be incorporated into human yoga poses; not only that, but dogs are very intelligent when it comes to reading human energy– when you’re relaxed, your dog is naturally more relaxed too!

Along with advocating for pets and incorporating yoga into her lifestyle, Liz follows a plant-based diet. She believes all creatures, big and small, have a place in this world and she wishes no harm to any of them. Living a healthy and active lifestyle has given her the energy she needs to carry on, with all of her other commitments, including her speaking engagements and community events.

From Fox 10 to Channel 3 and AZTV, Liz is not known to be camera shy. She knows the value of contributing to her local community and has been fortunate to share her love and knowledge of animals on several media outlets. From sharing fun recipes for pets to grooming techniques, Liz is a staple of her community.

Liz cares for her clients’ pets as if they’re her own and she works hard to deliver an excellent experience – from shampoodles and ear cleanings to haircuts and pawdicures. When she’s not busy running Puff & Fluff, volunteering her time, practicing and teaching yoga, or speaking at a local event, Liz can be found with her husband, her three Chihuahuas, Rosie, Tilly, and Luci, her Dachshund, Ruby and her Cavalier, Lily.

Mission Statement

Providing a community of pet loves that are eager to create the best life possible for our four-legged friends.

Vision Statement

Here to serve pet parents and pets; creating a bond that is filled with love, enjoyment, and compassion.