How the Growing Pet Industry Is Affecting Other Industries

With more and more folks opting to have pets rather than kids, more industries find that they need to cater to our beloved four-legged friends. This $70 billion industry is no joke, and with the rise of technology giving us the opportunity to travel more frequently these days, it also means that more people are [...]

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The Benefits of Brain Training for Pets

As much as everyone loves puppies, it’s inevitable that one day your big-eyed pups will turn into older dogs. While we, of course, still love our senior dogs, it’s easy to reminisce about their puppy days, wishing they were just as active as they were back then. However, in today’s technologically-advanced world, just because your [...]

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These Are the Most Exciting Pet Festivals to Attend in 2018

The New Year is in full swing and it’s time to start marking dates on your calendar! Did you know that there are hundreds of different pet festivals that take place worldwide each year? Make 2018 extra festive by attending these pawesome petcentric events! Windermere Pet Fest On Saturday, March 10 in Windermere, FL, this [...]

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6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Winter

Whether your pet loves the winter or not, it’s important to keep them safe this season. While your furry friend may have a nice thick coat, pets are just as susceptible to ailments this time of year as we humans are. When temperatures drop and streets are covered in salt and ice, you need to [...]

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Top Tips for Planning “Playdates” for Your Dog

It’s February and love is in the air! While us humans fret about our potential Valentine’s, we mustn't forget that our furry friends need companionship too! And while dogs surely love their humans, it’s nice to set up playdates with their furry pawtners in crime as well. Dogs, for the most part, are social animals; [...]

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