A Pawsitively Great Wedding

How I’m Putting a Dif-fur-ent Spin on My Big Day Flowers, cakes, dancing, friends and family – these are the usual thoughts that may pop up when thinking about a wedding. From picking out the dress to arranging the guest list, there are plenty of details that need to be sorted before the big day. [...]

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How to Keep Your Pet Active During the Winter Months

Ah, it’s the season of sweaters, hot chocolate and cozying up in your favorite nook– a time of year where you may feel like doing nothing else other than gorge on comfort foods and stay indoors. Oh, but what about your pets who still need regular exercise and stimulation?! It can be easy to assume [...]

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4 Ways to Protect Your Pets This Holiday Season

The holidays are many people’s favorite time of year– understandably so! From the bright decorations and warm comfort foods, to the celebrations with family and friends, there is plenty to enjoy. However, it’s easy to forget that these seasonal festivities can be hazardous to our furry friends. Cats and dogs are curious by nature and [...]

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10 Fascinating Furry Friend Facts!

So, you LOVE dogs and you think you know everything there is to know about these curious canines– but scientists are always learning more about our furry friends and, today, we’ll share with you 13 incredible facts that you may not have known! Dogs can understand up to 250 words and gestures; they can even [...]

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The Healing Power of Dogs: How Canines Can Help Humans

November 2 marks All Souls’ Day– a day to reflect and commemorate the souls of Christians who have died. Death is, of course, a part of life but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Dogs serve as loyal and comforting companions to those grieving; simply petting a dog can make grief feel [...]

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