It’s Puppy Mill Action Week! Learn How You Can Help

A puppy mill is defined as an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions that are regarded as inhumane. These poor dogs have to suffer in cramped conditions; their quality of life is extremely poor. While this sounds super gloomy, the good news is that we have the [...]

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Here’s How We’re Celebrating Mayday for Mutts!

As more and more folks choose to adopt from shelters, mutts are becoming more mainstream! Have you ever met a pup and asked the owner what breed he or she is only to find out, we’re not sure, she/he’s a mix! Now, the first Sunday of May is nationally known as “Mayday for Mutts” and [...]

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Why More and More Millennials Are Becoming Pet Owners

According to the American Pet Products Association, millennials are now officially the largest segment of pet owners in the United States. Millennials, or Generation Y, now account for 35 percent of all pet owners. They now own more pets than baby boomers. Do you know if you’re a millennial? Folks aged 25-39 years-old are considered [...]

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