5 Tips for Grooming Your Cat the Right Way

It’s National Cat Health Month and, in honor of our favorite feline friends, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to groom your cat to purrfection. Regular grooming is important as it will maintain your cat’s beautiful coat– plus, a consistent grooming routine can help to reduce those pesky hairballs! [...]

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Your Guide to the “Puppy Cut”

We’ve all heard of the ‘Rachel’ haircut made famous by the hit show, Friends. But have you heard about the ‘Puppy Cut’? It’s only one of the most pawesome haircuts among dogs worldwide! This popular style works on a wide variety of breeds – from the Cavalier King Charles to Golden Retrievers. The History The [...]

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Rearing a Healthy, Beautiful Pup

When we first bring a new puppy into our homes, some of our first concerns include helping him become acquainted with the new surroundings and people, and, of course, braving the sometimes daunting task of potty training. However, we soon discover that being a responsible dog owner involves watching out for your dog in many [...]

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Skip the Kennel with Daycare for Dogs

Going on vacation? Do you work during the day? Need a reliable place to bring your dogs while you’re not around? While bringing your dog to a kennel used to be the norm, more and more boutique pet care services have opened up over the last few years. No longer do dogs have to be [...]

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