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Need help reviewing your social media reputation, or someone to give you some tips? Look no further, Liz specializes in building a solid foundation for social media reputation.  You will learn that the power of people and their opinions do in fact matter in your business, that way you need to be ahead of the game.

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Spend an hour with Liz, covering these fundamental principles when working with your social media reputation.

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While it is important that we focus on our website design, social media marketing and search engine optimization to help our business succeed, there are other digital services that are equally important to boost your business. For any large or small businesses, Reputation management is a vital part of digital marketing. It is crucial to be well aware of what customers are saying about your business and knowing how you respond to their comments to help your company grow stronger.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management involves checking various websites and identifying what other people are saying or feeling about you or your business; and taking steps to ensure that the general consensus is in line with your goals. Many people and organizations use various forms of social media such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc. to monitor their reputation. Access to these sites only takes a few minutes for a dissatisfied customer to leave a bad review or for a happy customer to leave a positive one.

Who needs Reputation Management?

Any businesses existing online needs Reputation Management. Google your business if you’ve got Google Business page, you’ve got reviews. If you’ve got a Facebook or Instagram, you’ve got reviews. Even if you don’t have a website or Facebook page, you may still find your business getting reviewed in sites like Yelp. This is true for businesses or industries dealing with customers and you should be aware what customers are saying about you or your business online.

Why do I need help managing my reputation?

There are many reasons a business will need to manage their reputation. A negative online reputation is possible to repair, but it’s easier to avoid it. Perhaps your business maybe new and you received a negative review, take your time to respond and let the customer know that you acknowledge their concern and your business is still improving. Response like this is important to show that you care enough to thank them for a good review or respond to a negative review.

Working on building a positive reputation is a great way to show your true colors online and offer a more flattering angle on your online persona. It’s also the best defense against any negative online reputation issues you may have, as the good properties you work to create may outrank bad ones. The more positive properties you have to support your name, the better.